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  • Yarichin Bitch Club Mushroom Rubber Straps


    These ultra-kawaii rubber straps feature the members of the Yarichin Bitch Club, also known as Yari-Bu, each hugging a giant mushroom in their image colour! The back of each rubber strap is also in their image colour, and is made with glittery PVC to give the boys an extra bit of sparkle.

    Toono, Kashima, Yaguchi, Tamura, Yuri, Akemi, Itome, Shikatani and Jimmy all have their own design ready to attach to your phone or bag.

    Use the drop-down menu to choose how many blind-boxed rubber straps you'd like, or grab a full box of 9 to guarantee one of each design - and a discount!

    Size: 65mm
    Manufacturer: Movic

    Warning: this is not a toy. These are collectable items for adults or those over 15 year of age.
    4549743161235-1 Movic