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  • Yarichin Bitch Club Acrylic Charms


    These high-quality acrylic charms, all featuring art from the original manga-ka, let you show off your favorite Yara-Bu member with pride!. The original Japanese name for this style of charm is 'Tsunagaru Renketsu', which refers to the way that you can link them together~

    Choose from Tono, Kashima, Yaguchi, Tamura and Yuri, or grab the whole set to nab a discount!


    Currently in Stock: Kashima, Yuri, Tamura and Yaguchi.

    On Backorder: Tono, Complete Set


    Size: 65*50mm
    Material: Acrylic! So nice <3
    Manufacturer: Brujula


    Tentative Backorder! These items are in stock at the manufacturers' distributor - if you order it from us, we'll order it from them and it will be sent over in our next shipment. If the one you've ordered becomes unavailable it will be removed from your order - we'll let you know and you'll have the option to change to another product or cancel.


    Warning: this is not a toy. These are collectable items for adults or those over 15 year of age.
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