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About Us

So, you want to know more about CharmingSushi? Well, you've come to the right place! For our contact details, please head to the Contact Us page.


CharmingSushi Ltd. is the official name of our company, which trades under CharmingSushi! We have one full-time employee who's also the Company Director (hello, that's me, Lizzi!~) as well as our convention employees - you might have met Fraser or Dave while playing an Ichiban Kuji or shopping for some adorable gachapon.


You know how you used to read Nintendo Magazine as a kid and be simultaneously excited by all the cool merch in there, and disappointed because you knew you could never buy it in a shop? Well, now you can! We aim to stock official Japanese merchandise that isn't carried by other stores in the UK - our speciality lines include Ichiban Kuji prizes (we also run kujis at conventions!), Nendoroids (not just the mainstream ones!), and cool gachapon miniatures from Japanese vending machines. We're a Good Smile Company Partner Store and sometimes appear as their official representative at events, which means you'll get a cool Good Smile canvas swag bag with any Nendoroid or Figma purchase!


Our business is registered at 40 Westland, Martlesham Heath, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP53SU, United Kingdom - but this isn't a store so please don't come and visit! We receive all returns and physical mail to this address, and keep our stock safely in a warehouse in Ipswich, where all of our orders are packed up and sent out. If you want to check out our store in person, you can find us at conventions across the UK, which we'll announce in our news section and on our Facebook page.


CharmingSushi was founded in 2012 as a hobby during my university degree - then we discovered that we had a real passion for the retail business! We've been a registered company since February 2015.


If you find out, please let us know. Seriously though, we work our hardest to try and ensure you have a great experience at CharmingSushi. If you ever have any suggestions for products we should carry, events we should go to, or animes we should watch, please email me personally at elizabeth@charmingsushi.co.uk - this goes for any complaints or compliments, too.