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  • Tokidoki USB Charging Cable 3in1 with Keychain Glitter Tassel


    Tokidoki's timeless kawaii aesthetic combined with a super-practical cable tassel that means you'll never find yourself short of a charger in an emergency again! 

    This cute phone accessory sticks onto the back of your mobile device, and easily unclips for cable use. The perfect disguise for carrying around your charging cables. Suitable for use with iPhones with Lightning ports (sorry, vintage iPod users!) and Android with Type-C and Micro USB connections.

    If you don't want to use the sticky-on-phone bit, it will also clip onto any phone ring you already have, and also looks great on your keys - speaking from personal experience!

    - Clips on to almost anything
    - Suitable for use with iPhone 5/6/7/8/X and Androids with Type-C and Micro USB connections
    - Includes: Micro USB, Type-C and Lightning USB cable

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