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  • Moogle Taito Prizes - Nightlight & Pocket Watch

  • Moogle Nightlight   

    Taito are releasing Moogle-related prizes two months in a row! If you can't make it to Japan to win them in an arcade yourself, make sure you pre-order yours here at CharmingSushi. 

    These items will be released in concurrent months, with the Nightlight in July 2016 and the Pocketwatch in August 2016. To reserve yours, you just need to pay a 30% deposit and prepaid shipping - we'll send you an invoice for the balance just before your order is ready to ship.

    If you want to combine your preorders to save on shipping, all you need to do is email us at to have any excess shipping fees refunded - and of course, you won't be paying any surprise import fees.

    Moogle Nightlight: £27.99 @ CharmingSushi~

    Moogle Pocket Watch: £32.99 @ CharmingSushi~

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