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  • Yuri on Ice 'Vkusno!' Donburi Rice Bowl


    "Vkusno!" - eat the most alluring pork cutlet bowls out of this official Yuri on Ice donburi-rice-style bowl. Featuring illustrations of Yuuri, Yurio, Makkachin and Viktor, the bowl also has 'delicious!' decorating it in Cyrilic alphabet.

    Diameter: 14cm at rim, Height: 8.5cm (the perfect single-serving size!)
    Material: Ceramic

    Kitchenware Notes:
    *This product complies with the Japanese New Food Sanitation Law.
    *Microwave & dishwasher safe!
    *Please do not use on direct heat or in the oven, as it may cause damage to the product or discoloration.
    *Please do not use polishing scrubbers or powder detergents, as they may scratch the surface.