• Sailor Moon Twinkle Dolly 3pc Set


    The set includes:
    - 1x Sailor Moon Transformation Brooch
    - 1x Tuxedo Mask Star Locket
    - 1x Chibi Usa Space Time Key

    We're super-excited to be stocking this exclusive Twinkle Dolly set by Bandai! Tuxedo Mask makes a dashing entrance atop the iconic Star Locket, and we finally get the iconic Transformation Brooch and Time Key in Twinkle style.

    I think this is also the first time we've seen a Sailor in their non-transformed outfit in this line, with Chibi Usa rocking the school uniform!

    Each of these straps is only available in this set, so please don't miss out.

    Each 'Twinkle Dolly' charm is 5cm high and has a removable loop-strap for easy attachment to your bag, keys, or phone, or for inclusion in an itabag.