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  • Nendoroid More Locker Room CUBE 02


    The second set of cute cube accessories in Nendoroid size!
    The second set of diorama parts in the 'Nendoroid More: CUBE' series is this school locker set! The name comes from the fact that all the accessories have a cube-like appearance that suits the chibi look of Nendoroids perfectly!
    The set is designed to help recreate the entrance area of a Japanese school - it includes shoe lockers, slatted boards, and an umbrella stand with mini umbrellas! Two small Nendoroid bases to easily place Nendoroids along with the extra parts are also included! Grab the CUBE accessories and add even more fun to your Nendoroid collection!
    Shoe Locker x4
    Slatted Board x2
    Umbrella Stand x1
    Mini Umbrella x3
    Round Base x2
    Entrance Display Sheet (Paper) x1