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  • Makkachin Tissue Box


    As used by Viktor, the Makkachin Tissue Box is now available to purchase from CharmingSushi UK!

    Made of fluffy "poodle boa" and pleasing to the touch, it's a cute item that you can also display in your room like a normal plushie~

    Size: W420 x H160 x D160mm
    Material: Poodle Boa

    Pre-order notice: Don't forget - when you order from CharmingSushi you don't have to worry about import fees. We ship from within the UK, so there won't be any extra surprise shipping or import duty.

    5th February UPDATE: Makkachin's release date has been pushed back to late April - this will affect all orders. On the upside, they have re-opened pre-orders, so those of you that missed out have a second chance to secure stock!