• Love Live! Sunshine Mini Hanging Scrolls


    These Love Live! Sunshine miniature wallscrolls by Bushiroad feature the girls of Aquors in the Haregi / New Year outfit set, and all the gorgeous details are realised in a colourful, silk-textured print. 

    Each mini hanging scroll comes with a metal hook to allow for easy display.

    Use the drop-down menu to choose which design you'd like, or choose the complete set to get one of each and a discount!

    Available Designs:

    • Chika
    • Riko
    • Kanan
    • Dia
    • You
    • Yoshiko
    • Hanamaru
    • Mari
    • Ruby
    • Complete Set of 9

    Size: 135mm

    4580505092862-1 Bushiroad