• Kirby Paldolce Figures


    Banpresto have captured Kirby's sweet charms - literally - in this new trio of Paldolce figurines! Kirby poses with a caramel-glazed apple, a swiss roll in the shape of Whispy Woods, and a stack of pancakes drizzled with syrup... careful, he's stacked them too high?! Truly, Kirby's appetite knows no limits.

    Each figure comes in a kawaii printed box, and stands by itself to truly maximize the cute aesthetic.

    The Type A figure (with the apple) has a tiny leaf in his mouth and this comes separately in the plastic wrap for safe transport, so keep an eye out for it when you're setting up Kirby.

    Palm = on your hand
    Dolce = sweet cake
    Paldolce = hand-sized cute figures!

    Height: 6cm - small, but perfectly formed! 
    Manufacturer: Banpresto

    Use the drop-down menu to choose which design you'd like, or choose the Complete Set option to grab all 3 - and a discount!

    Warning: this is not a toy. These are collectable items for adults or those over 15 year of age.
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