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  • Hypnosis Mic 'Punch Line' Giant Badges


    Brujula's HUGE can badge line continues - with the HypMic boys from Ikebukuro, Yokohama, Shibuya and Shinjuku divisions! The theme for this set is 'Punch Line'.

    Ichiro, Jiro, Saburo, Samatoki, Jyuto, Rio, Ramuda, Gentaro, Dice, Jakurai, Hifumi and Doppo each have their unique badge design.

    These giant badges are randomly packed in blind-bags, and each bag contains one badge.

    Use the drop-down menu to choose how many blind bags you'd like, or grab the complete set to guarantee one of each design - and a discount!

    Size: 75mm - they're huge!

    4573332549135-1 Brujula