• Hypnosis Mic Sleeping on the Cable Charms - FP vs. MTR


    The HypMic boys are all rapped out - and are now sleeping soundly on your cables in the 'SuyaSuya' cable charm set! Each set features two divisions, and this set has the boys from Fling Posse and Matenrou all sleeping soundly.

    Ramuda, Gentaro, Dice, Jakurai, Hifumi and Doppo each have their own super-kawaii sleeping figure that attaches to a phone cable - or to anything else you'd like to decorate!

    These cable charms come in blind-boxes and each box contains one figure. 

    Use the drop-down menu to choose how many blind boxes you'd like, or grab the complete set to guarantee one of each design - and a discount!

    Size: approx. 55mm